Self-Resilience skills training
and recovery support.

Equipping you to transform

21st Century challenge and

overwhelm into opportunity.

For everyone.

For individuals, professionals and organisations-
Empowered, resourceful, wiser ways to
perform skills, deal with difficulty, and grow.
Multi-layered resilience skills, tools, philosophies that:
- Evolve adaptable learning and performance of skills;
- Build and sustain mental health and a balanced outlook.
1. Self-Resilience skills

Enhance inner wellbeing / performance of skills and dealing with pressure.

Self Care for mental health and wellbeing.
-Transform anxieties. Enjoy clear headspace.
-Effectively and quickly release tensions, stressors, emotions.
-Transition from work to home- clear work mindset and energies.

Emotional resilience.
-Handle and recover yourself in tough / pressure situations.
-Change emotional reactions to calm, productive responses.
-Calmly deal with difficult to intimidating behaviours.

Clarity and strength of self.
-Improved self-belief and steps to learn and adapt.
-Identity that protects against ‘confidence-knocking’ events.
-Healthier and productive expectations of self / outcomes.

A range of tools and approaches to:

-Think, act and communicate flexibly and productively.

-Focus thoughts / actions to feel in control and purpose.

-Empowering self and others to take responsiblity.

-How to elevate yourself and others.

-Facilitate others to move from drama to calm and solutions.

Skills for flexible thinking and clarity to navigate unchartered
and unclear waters, through to information overload.

-Tools that facilitate flexible interpretations.

-Tools for a wider perspective.

-Facilitating wisdom from your life experiences.

-Finding calm, control and personal power amidst:
environmental ‘noise’ of information overload.


2. Trauma recovery and protection.

For mental & emotional trauma in professional roles.
Safer, kinder, effective techniques with personal growth;

Protecting professional, person- and family life, from:
-Burn out / can’t switch off / carry emotional weight home.
-Working in traumatic situations / with traumatised clients.
-Shouldering excessive moral / emotional responsibility.

We provide:
-Team and 1-2-1 training- and recovery support in areas of:
-Trauma release.
-Mental resilience including ethical resilience skills.
-Communication skills around trauma.

For: Professionals and support staff working with:
– Traumatised service users / Emergency situations.
– Vulnerable clients and/or with complex needs.
– Constant draining emotional behaviours.