Self-Resilience skills training
and recovery support.

Equipping you to transform

21st Century challenge and

overwhelm into opportunity

-for everyone.

For individuals, professionals,
and organisations-
Multi-layered resilience tools to
empower head, heart and hands:
-Skills to be self-assured and emotionally strong
with the effective steps guided by your values.
-Extend comfort zones, skill sets and adaptability
for choices and challenges, pressures and setbacks.
1. Enhanced skills performance with:

Enhance inner wellbeing / performance of skills and dealing with pressure.

Self Care for mental health and wellbeing.
-Transform anxieties. Enjoy clear headspace.
-Effectively and quickly release tensions, stressors, emotions.
-Transition from work to home- clear work mindset and energies.

Emotional resilience.
-Handle and recover yourself in tough / pressure situations.
-Change emotional reactions to calm, productive responses.
-Calmly deal with difficult to intimidating behaviours.

Clarity and strength of self.
-Improved self-belief and steps to learn and adapt.
-Identity that protects against ‘confidence-knocking’ events.
-Healthier and productive expectations of self / outcomes.

A range of tools and approaches to:

-Think, act and communicate flexibly and productively.

-Focus thoughts / actions to feel in control and purpose.

-Empowering self and others to take responsiblity.

-How to elevate yourself and others.

-Facilitate others to move from drama to calm and solutions.

Improve outlook to help improve dealing with circumstance.

-Skills for flexible thinking and clarity to navigate unchartered
and unclear waters, through to information overload.

-Tools that facilitate flexible interpretations.

-Tools for a wider perspective.

-Facilitating wisdom from your life experiences.

-Finding calm, control and personal power amidst:
environmental ‘noise’ of information overload.


2. Recovery and protection from tough roles.

-Team and 1-2-1 training for protection.
-1-2-1 relief and release from emotional / trauma symptoms.

Protecting professional, person- and family life, from:
-Burn out / can’t switch off / carry emotional weight home.
-Working in traumatic situations / with traumatised clients.
-Shouldering excessive moral / emotional responsibility.

For: Professionals and support staff working with:
– Traumatised service users / Emergency situations.
– Vulnerable clients and/or with complex needs.
– Constant draining emotional behaviours.

“I cannot recommend Ash / FreshTies highly enough. Expertise is delivered seemingly effortlessly to deliver incredible results, as well as profound and powerful insights helping you and your organisation move forwards.”

Vin Wijeratne.
Former Chief Financial Officer. The Royal Mint.