Equipped with the effective practical steps and strategies that enhance and evolve:

-Skill performance, learning, adaptation.
-Inner wellbeing, self development.
-Trauma recovery and protection.
- Tools are doable, repeatable- and work.
- Learning is simple yet elevating and energising.
- Multiple layers of benefits: person & performance & mental health.
- Ongoing, sustainable results for organisation.
“Several nurses were lost to stress
and pressure of intimidating situations.
After FreshTies training – staff can mentally take themselves out of the situation, keep emotions in check, feel calm, collected and confident. Staff can diffuse situations. One staff member said she felt so empowered she could have flown! Worth every penny.”
Carey Bloomer RGN.
Registered Nurse Manager, Managing Director

Our blend of skills and support is flexible.
Here are some example areas of our work:

-Skill development, team, management and progression skills.

-Dealing with pressure, stressful situations and tough roles.

-Facilitating consistency of behaviour in an organisation.

-Leadership and management resilience, effectiveness, ethics.

-Wellbeing / mental health programmes.

-1-2-1 personal and performance development.

-Recovery and protection from trauma.

-Training to groups (small or large).

-One-to-one support and development.

-At your offices, or another convenient venue.

-After training follow up to reinforce new habits.

-In person and / or online (where feasible).