Equipping people to
positively influence their world.
Simply put, we equip people with the skills
to navigate themselves, each other, and life.
These skills are for everyone, and for life.
We are all connected.

What’s in a skill?

For us, it’s multi-layers of:
Effective skills and strategies
powered by emotional and personal strengths.


What does that look like?

1)For skills to navigate ourselves,
harnessing our inner strength and resources…
it’s Emotional and Personal Resilience Skills Training..

2) For skills to deal with life’s difficulties and opportunities…
it’s Performance Resilience Skills Training.

3) For skills to navigate environmental noise,
ethical challenges, and enjoy balanced thinking.
it’s Ethical Resilience Skills Training.

and if things get too severe

4) For skills to deal with and recover from
severe difficulty through to trauma …
it’s Trauma Protection skills and Recovery Support and Training.

Success is a place that involves everyone.
Self-interest involves looking out for others too.
My success depends on others doing okay too.
People need people. We need to contribute to others to reach the fuflilment we need deep down. We call it people-helping-people. Whether or not it is the result of adversity, we have opportunities to see through the ‘environmental noise and overload’, and appreciate that we’re all inextricably connected.


This is a commonality right down to the root, which sees through differences that are superficial and artificially imposed. It’s so simply true and beautiful.


Within us, we share the capacity for Creative, Caring, Cooperative. And when these three C’s combine towards a common purpose, what isn’t possible? What could be more fulfilling and rewarding? And what great choices we have.


Choices are for free, and choices are there for us in every moment, whatever may have gone before. Choice is our true point of power- and control- guided by our framework of ethics and philosophy for life.


We choose what this is too.
Ash Poddar, Founder.
The one with glasses in the picture.
The work of FreshTies has evolved over many years to shape the current work. This started out as using a website to bring people together, in order to share their experiences to help others. This evolved into helping people on the ground, with initiatives such as Street Law surgeries. I learned, as helpful as it was to give practical advice, I was more suited to equipping people with skills to deal with difficulty and improve their circumstances- which evolved into skills training.


And all the above is informed by nuggets of skills and experience from various roles after studying biology. Starting as a qualified teacher, teaching biology, then advising at one the fore-runners to the Human Rights Commission, on to a lawyer- both commercial and human rights law.


However, it is the field of biology that’s of real interest and threads through all I have done and do now. I see biology as incorporating body, mind and our relationship to nature and the wider world. This provides another perspective on who and what we are, and how we deal with, and experience the world.


An evolving specialism that runs through all the work is:
the role of identity and a practical ethics/life skills philosophy as contributory to:
• Aid recovery and protect from trauma.
• Aid performance under pressure.
• Strengthens mental health and character.