The technique to be effective with the confidence to do it.

“Several nurses and carers were lost to stress and pressure of intimidating situations.

After FreshTies training – staff can mentally take themselves out of the situation,
keep emotions in check, feel calm, collected and confident. Staff can put themselves into other people’s situations,
diffuse situations and not be defensive which only escalates things.
One staff member said she felt so empowered she could have flown!

Worth every penny .

Five stars

Carey Bloomer RGN.
Registered Nurse Manager, Director

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Organisations work with FreshTies for…

  • Staff to be more effective in a particular task or situation.
  • Personal and team confidence, resilience, responsibility.
  • Starting and progressing into management and leadership.
  • Self-confidence and skills for the most senior roles.
  • Deal with pressured, stressful roles, tasks, and environments.
  • Personal development and skills for progression.
  • Dealing with specific anxieties.
  • Develop underrepresented groups and trainees.
  • Mentoring and one-to-one support.
Man in hospital scrubs
  • Training to groups (small or large).
  • One-to-one support and development.
  • At your offices, or another convenient venue.
  • After training follow up to reinforce new habits.

Our training is: learning, practicing and enjoying effective techniques with confidence skills, rather than invent fancy models and titles.

Our approach
– be excellent to yourself to be excellent to others.

We build in the skills for self-awareness and self-control, whether it is for front line working, as part of management and leadership skills, or dealing with stressful situations.

These skills help to quieten the mind, for a person to feel calmer, feel in control of themselves, build rapport, and be more flexible and resourceful. Stalemate to conflict often arises from an expectation that others will think and behave as we feel they ‘should do’.

Professionals are prone to overthink in stressful situations. This causes stress and disrupts a person’s ability to observe, listen to, and read people. So, self-control enables flexibility in communication and behaviour to positively influence others.

Training content

Feel free to get in touch and talk through what would assist you.

  • Our content may be taught in modules, half days and full days.
  • We deliver training at your venue.
  • For front line, trainee, management and leadership roles and developing staff.



clear, confident speaking through to difficult conversations.

  • Speak clearly, concisely, with credibility and more presence.
  • Non-verbal skills- how to communicate more effectively.
  • Presentation content- made simpler to get across and remember.
  • Do away with presentation nerves and anxiety.
  • Prepare and structure content effectively- for speaking or a paper.
  • Confidence and technique for difficult conversations made easier.

  • Say what you feel constructively, and feel calm and respectful.
  • How to say no to requests, not feel guilty and be reasonable.
  • Challenge others constructively, calmly and respectfully.


People management, leadership and development.

  • Increased presence and self-belief.
  • Clarity of own boundaries and confidence to enforce these.
  • Self-awareness to be able to positively influence others.

  • Leading a team- clarity and actions for a team to follow and contribute.
  • Devise simple strategies that are effective- clear, concise and doable.
  • Deal with unwanted behaviours / reduce time spent ‘entertaining’ minor issues.
  • Practical insights into behaviours to manage and lead- and reduce your stress.

  • Instil and boost confidence, resilience and purpose.
  • Confidence and technique to cut out unacceptable behaviours / assert boundaries.
  • Team building sessions- grow deeper connections between team members.
  • Team members can challenge others constructively and respectfully.

  • Feel calm and in control in face of confrontational behavior.
  • Confidence to set realistic expectations and have clear boundaries.
  • Recover quickly from negative interactions.
  • Techniques to boost each other within the team.
  • Grow resilience habits to boost morale, wellbeing and performance.

  • Know and use your qualities, values and boundaries.
  • Manage your emotions: productive thoughts and responses.
  • Practical tools to manage nerves and emotions.
  • Confidence skills, approaches and tools.
  • Resilience- grow a learning mindset, recover from setbacks, take responsibility.
  • Develop self-awareness to grow genuine self-confidence.
  • Tools and approaches to build confidence.

  • Tools to manage pressure and stress.
  • Preparation steps for events.
  • Instil a more productive mindset.
  • From a new role, new challenge to public speaking, learn techniques and habits of successful people, you don’t hear about: Feel on an equal footing, not intimidated, with authority figures.
  • Facing an issue: habits to enjoy and regain calm, confidence and positive focus.

  • Confidence and technique for difficult conversations made easier.
  • Dealing with difficult behaviours and confrontation.
  • Feel at ease in formal situations.

Conflict handling.

  • Save time getting to the root of someone’s issue.
  • Language for constructive discussion.
  • Non-verbal skills for other person to trust and engage with you.
  • Problem solving techniques that save time, stress and issue escalation.


Personal development, progression and underrepresented groups.

One-to-one sessions, which seamlessly blend:
confidence building, mentoring, coaching approach and skill development.

  • Feel at ease and confident with authority figures.
  • Tools to build self-belief in your capabilities and qualities.
  • Confidence and resilience skills.
  • Overcome doubts or stressors.
  • Prepare and feel more comfortable with new responsibilities.
  • Deal with a current issue and setbacks.
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