Strengthening people is our mission.

Our work is developing strong, worldly-wise and compassionate individuals who positively affect lives.
Every person has some kind of excellence inside them, which can be used to benefit themselves as well as others.
This is how we view success.

We believe that skill involves character as much as it does technique.
We define character to mean self-confidence, compassion and worldly wisdom, so you can be true to yourself as well as help
and understand others. ‘Skill involving character’ helps us to overcome obstacles, build bridges, take productive action and
become more than we were. This could be in the workplace, at home or in your community.

So our work involves:

  • Training and resources that combine technique, confidence skills and worldly wisdom.
  • Campaigns, networks and resources that challenge assumptions about ourselves and
    others through the exchange of life experience, tools and worldly wisdom.

Our approach.
We believe that you must be able to take of yourself in order to help and care for others; just as you must value yourself
in order to value the lives of others. So we teach the skills for self-control and self- confidence together with the technique
for the task or situation.

We strengthen and serve people:

Woman pictured outside Women Seeking Sanctuary building
  • Working to improve lives (Professional skills training).
  • Working on innovations that benefit people (Professional skills training).
  • Turning around their lives or difficult circumstances (Community Programme).

Our training and resources enable people to:

Skills for adversity means less stress and frustration. This in turn contributes to better mental health, less conflict and improved relationships between people.
This includes growing the confidence to act and resilience to learn from setbacks.
For example, mums learn confidence and resilience tools for everyday life and learn how to teach these to their children (to improve their outcomes and wellbeing and on to the next generation). These skills together with the skills to question and communicate effectively, provide a toolkit to drive positive changes for individuals and communities.

Every person can do excellent things.

Anyone of us can learn skills for confidence, to deal with adversity and be excellent in a meaningful way.
The circumstances and outcomes we experience are not fixed, nor do they define who we are.
It is not in the genes either. These are myths that spread and stick more easily than the examples
that free what we can do (and we intend to promote).

Our set up and founder.

Ashish Poddar set up FreshTies. Previously, he was a lawyer, and worked for the Commission for Racial Equality, and is a qualified teacher.

FreshTies is a social enterprise (not-for profit organisation).

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