Professional skills, confidence and resilience training.

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Free your strengths, feel in control and free what you can do.

We teach:

  • the technique for the task
  • with managing emotions;
  • and the confidence to act.

For: Skill development, management and progression.
For: Dealing with stressful situations to tough roles.

Strengthen your technique and confidence.

  • Be credible and effective in how you speak and present.
  • Deal with difficult behaviours or conversations.
  • Lead and manage people with less stress and conflict.
  • Build personal and team resilience and confidence.
  • Manage your self-talk, emotions and behaviours.
  • Be able to say no and take decisions.
  • Deal with pressure, self-doubt and responsibility.
  • Manage underperformance and dysfunctional teams.
  • Assert your views constructively and handle criticism.

and more…

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Strengthening yourself to help others.

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FreshTies is for professionals…

  • Whose work improves lives.
  • Working on innovations that benefit others.
  • Front line staff, trainees, underrepresented groups.
  • Managers, leaders, directors.
  • Public and not-for-profit sectors.
  • Business with purpose, passion.

FreshTies for life.

Our community programmes teach our professional and life skills
to help people to challenge and overcome their circumstances.

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